BIO6 + Product Declaration


BIO6 + Product Declaration

 Security+: use onlypure,

safe ingredients, theonly

✓Quality +: rigorous screening

sources of raw materials,

careful checksand

 supervision ofthe manufacturing process.
✓burden+: fulluseofhigh-quality

raw materials, withoutadding

any harmful chemicals, no



the Japanese Ministry of


to causeskinallergiescaused

by harmful ingredients.
✓Respect for Life+:

full productwithout

any cruelty to animalstest!
✓Sustained +:

non-pursuit of quick-impact

 andharm to the skin, butgradual

improvementskincare products;

 lastin sustainable results.

What we do?

  • Bio 6+

    Anti-aging with reviving DNA energy cycle!

          Reverse the aging condition of your skin and gain vitality.  

         Make your skin look younger;

         Provide comprehensive skin care;

         Moisturize your skin for all day long;

         Advance the elasticity and firmness of your skin;

         Significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines;

         Whiten and light up your skin tone;

         Improve skin blemishes and big pores;

         Make dull skin radiant;

         Protect and repair free radical damage caused by ultraviolet.

         Boost up metabolism;


         Smooth and radiate your skin.


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